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Goji juice spray-dried powder, Goji juice freeze dried powder
Package: 25kg/bag, 5kg/bag
All the powder is made by Goji juice, so it is pesticides-free. All the powder is good water-soluble.
No radiation.
The place of origin of Goji berry--- Ningxia
The ancient Yellow River culture, wild desert view and authentic Muslim human landscape, those are characteristics of Ningxia Province. Four distinctive seasons, plenteous sunshine, fertile soil and rich crop made the nature condition in Ningxia a perfect place for Goji berry. Ningxia have the unique natural ecological conditions to suitable for the cultivation of Goji berry, where production of Goji berry have beautiful color, large grains, thin flesh, small seed, sweet, etc. So the quality of Goji berry fruits in Ningxia is higher than those in other places, for which this province is famous throughout the world. Bunches of red agate-Ningxia Giji berry spread fragrant and show its special glamour.


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